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Since receiving her first polaroid camera at the age of three, Jocelyn "Joc" Drawhorn has been captivated by the art of photography.  Growing up, she had an appreciation for the beauty in everything; people, animals, objects, or simply places around the neighborhood. As time rolled on, her inventive personality became fused with her growing love for the art; which ultimately translated into novel photos that captured life in unconventional ways. 


Upon entering high school, momentary goals of attending medical school shifted photography from a serious dream to a mere extracurricular activity.  Joc continued to put photography on the 'back burner' until her sophomore year in college when she realized that despite all risks involved, her true desire was to nurture her deeply rooted love for the craft...and it was in the summer of 2007 that she established her freelance photography business [Joc's Photography].


Since starting up, [Joc's Photography] has expanded its client base nationally and has allowed Joc to work with multiple magazines, models, new artists, and  network with some of the industry's noted celebrity and editorial photographers.

Jocelyn Drawhorn, Photographer

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